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Reclaim your peace of mind lost in the battle for claims!

Contract Square is a team of highly qualified and specialized professionals, dedicated to resolving all your contracts & claims related distress in the domain of Construction & Infrastructure development. With several successful Arbitration Claims in our portfolio, and top infrastructure development companies as our clients, we are committed to providing high quality & cost-effective services to our esteemed clients.

Entrust us with all your Contract & Claims Management issues while you focus on timely execution & delivery of the projects.

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Claims Management

We ensure efficient identification, documentation, and timely filing of well-substantiated claims to ensure quick settlement & significant awards.

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Dispute Resolution

We encourage alternate Dispute Resolution measures like negotiations, mediations & arbitration for speedy & cost-effective resolution of claims.

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Contract Management

We undertake detailed review and analysis of contracts and track sustainable claims to ensure complete compliance with the contractual obligations.

Project Management

We ensure constant monitoring & evaluation of the project in all stages to avoid any missteps and to facilitate timely decisions for project execution.

Insurance Management

We safeguard the project with cost-effective yet comprehensive insurance measures, identify claims, prepare documentation & ensure speedy settlement.


“We aspire to be the leader on contract and correspondence management so that industry leaders can focus on execution on the ground”


“We focus on contract management and paperwork so that you can focus on execution”

“We handle your paperwork so that you can execute the contract on ground”

"Contract square combines contract management expertise, legal acumen and cloud technology with service ethos to solve the real challenges in construction world, and is committed to become the only choice in techno-legal arena."

"Client-focused business and build a culture dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and building strong undisputed relationships."

"Undisputed Leader in Dispute Management."

"We insulate our clients from impediments in Contractual world."

"We walk the talk when it comes to Preventive Contract Management."

"We spot the pain points in contract lifecycle management".

"We weight your contract documents”

“We support in forensic practice in contract Correspondence”

“We lay the foundation of your pleadings for contractual disputes”

“We prepare documents that becomes credible evidence”

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Team Contract Square is highly skilled and accessible to assist you with the best professional services available for the resolution of any Contract and Claims related challenges.

We are available 24*7 to support you.

We take over the entire process, from identification to documentation & filing of claims, and ensure evidential paperwork to back your claims. We focus on mediation & arbitration for the speedy resolution of claims and offer complete support in litigation during dispute resolution.

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