Project Management in Construction

Infrastructure development projects are complex, require effective coordination and it involve huge costs. The success of any construction project depends upon their completion within the pre-determined time and without cost overruns. However, these objectives are not easily achieved as the entire process of project execution requires constant monitoring & regular evaluation.

Professional Project Management is a necessity to achieve profitability in construction projects. This important function of Construction Management entails direction & coordination of resources, both people & materials, to ensure successful completion of the project. Our expert team provides continuous monitoring & evaluation of the project to avoid any decline and facilitate timely decisions. 

Project Management Cycle
Evaluating projects

Two Pillars of Project Management

Project Monitoring

Monitoring involves routine supervision & tracking of project’s physical progress and resource consumption to determine any deviance from the preset schedule & base-line resource allocation.

Project Evaluation

Evaluation entails analysis of the information received through monitoring of the project to check for any considerable divergence from project expectations in terms of both time & cost.

Project Program Management at Contract Square

Our techno-legal experts at Contract Square diligently engage in the process of Project Program Management to ensure its timely execution within the predetermined costs.

The services undertaken by our specialist team at Contract Square to ensure efficient Project Management, leading to financial gains for our clients:

Continuous and objective assessment of the project

Regular update and maintenance of onsite progress records received from the client

Constant review of the Project Program Implementation Schedule

Preparation & submission of Monthly Program Reports on construction progress

Evaluation & submission of comparative analysis report between planned and actual progress, and recommendation for recovery, in case of any deviance

Active participation in Project Meetings and discussions, as required

Analysis, deliberation, and quantification of delays

Conducting site visits, site surveys, and collecting field data of the project

Contract Square Manager preparing documents
Contract Square Manager is working on project management


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