Document Management in construction

Accurate documentation and systematic management of documents is the backbone of any construction projects as they provide credible supporting evidence to any claim or defense. The responsibility lies upon the party who files claim to back it up with substantial documentation. Accurate & complete documentation plays a key role in filing any claims or defending the same. 

Documents are instrumental in a construction project. Contract agreements, compliance documents, engineering drawings, banking documents, purchase invoices, insurance documentation, and the list goes on. Proper document keeping can save huge costs for the company and also from unnecessary replication costs.

Document Management

Challenges in Documentation

Ease of Accessibility

Finding the right document at the right time is a major problem and is often time-consuming. A lot of claims falter due to unsubstantial documented proof even while the documents are there somewhere but not accessible or could not be located when you need them.

Modifications of documents at the site

Since most of the process is done at the site, various modifications occur at the site. Documenting these changes is very important as every change or variance may lead to a claim that would need the original correspondence and documentation support.

Version Management

With scores of changing variables in the construction sector, modifications in project plans & documents are imminent. However, it is important to ensure documentation of all various versions to substantiate any future claims. 

Locational Hindrances

Documents often originate from different offices located in different cities, and incongruency in approach leads to storage of documents at the site, some at remote offices, and some at head offices. Tracking them all, and finding them at the right time, is a painstaking exercise.

A lot of claims falter due to unsubstantial document proof even while the documents are there somewhere, just not accessible when you need them. Any kind of variance or change from the original contract agreement may find a way for a claim and therefore needs to be recorded.

Document Management at Contract Square

Document Management System

Contract Squares asks you to dump all documents to us, and we will digitize, store, sequence, and easily record your documents in one place.

Correspondence Management

Are you tired of making several routine correspondences, collating data, and ensuring the ground team does not make a mistake when sending a letter out to clients? We go a step further for you! We take over your correspondence management to ensure every document sent is reviewed and vetted under expert lenses before submission.