Four Significant Hurdles in Documenting Construction Business Processes

Challenges in Documentation

Bringing together accurate documents that are required in the construction industry for ongoing projects can be full of chaos. The problem becomes a tad worse because managing paper-based documents in the world of technology can be challenging. Some of the common problems range from modifications in the documents to locational hindrances.

  1. Accessibility problems: At a time when technology has taken over, it can get difficult to trace back or get a grip on hard copies of documents such as invoices and bank documents that are needed to obtain your claim. This process is severely time-consuming and disruptive because if you’re unable to find the right document at the right time, it can lead to the faltering of claims. This means that you lose out on what you need even though the document exists, simply because it is inaccessible.

  2. Site-based modifications: The most human error is to skip recording a change while it’s happening. Numerous modifications that can be related to minor factors like a change in the price of raw materials or a shift in weather conditions take place onsite. To ease the process of understanding the reason for these changes, engineers hold a large part of construction deals on the location itself creating on-the-spot modifications for several documents at once. It is necessary to record all these changes and keep track of original documents as well to keep them handy if and when either of them is needed.

  3. Keeping track of different versions: As mentioned above, changes are inevitable in the construction process. However, with every one of those changes, there is a revised version of the same document that gets made. It is absolutely essential to maintain records of all these variations that make up the old and new documents to make sure you have them at your disposal whenever required. Not only does this mean keeping track of these versions for yourself but also ensuring that all the necessary parties involved in the deal also possess the latest versions of all documents.

  4. Source tracking:While looking for documents at the right time and the right place is a task in itself, it’s even more difficult to find the right source of each of these documents. In most cases, they are not just originating from different offices and authorities but also from different cities across the country. This further adds to the problem of low accessibility. In addition to this, it also leads to added costs of wasted resources that one spends in order to track these documents in different places in the form of travel costs and man-hours. If not managed on time, source tracking of documents causes severe delays and might lead to the workers looking at old drawings or unrevised versions for too long.

All of this aside, making documentation mistakes are a strict no-no, and the best way to handle this issue is to find experts who are well-versed in the construction documentation process. Contract Square allows you to leave all the worries of document management over to our team. Trust us to record, digitize, store, and manage all that’s required in one place so you can have your peace of mind.

  1. Delay in site handover.
  2. Delay in issue of engineering drawings.
  3. Delay in supply of resources- material, equipment, and services.
  4. Delay in decision making.
  5. Delay in acquiring permits & approvals.
  6. Delay in payment of bills & advances.
  7. Delay due to a change in the scope of the project.
  8. Delay due to a change in plans /design of the project.
  9. Delay due to subcontractor/ vendor/another agency.

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