Benefits of hiring a claim management Consulting company

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Construction projects are competitive and complex. Many construction projects face considerable claims and disputes. These legal claims can lead to delay in the delivery of projects and cost a lot of money. By hiring claim management Consultant, construction companies can ensure that their claims are well-documented and supported with relevant analysis and paperwork. Accurate and timely documentation can help settle claims amicably. If you have a construction business, here are some of the benefits of hiring a claim management Consulting company.
1.Proper documentation: Well-documented monitoring of construction projects can help reach claim settlement easily. A good claim management Consulting company has expertise in documentation. Not only this, they will analyse and investigate the claim documents thoroughly so that your case is strong. A claim management Consulting company will help in
●Identification of risks involved in a contract
●Monitoring the contract
●Documenting all events affecting the project Completion and handing over.
●Identification, Documentation and evaluation of changes in the project and notifying all stakeholders

2.Guidance of experienced professionals: A claims management Consulting company has expertise in the field. They have years of experience in handling claim cases. They have good knowledge about the various parts such as harms, deferred payments, unpaid changes, and design changes, Delay in approval of drawings, delay in inspection Etc. An experienced claim management company will help you In management of your contract and it’s inherent risks right from the planning stage to the final delivery of the project. Their years of experience will Assist you in identification of risks associated with the project.

3.Experience of handling various claims: A claim management consulting company Has a team of experienced consultants who have handled different kinds of claims. They have vast idea about all the possible claims, and hence can efficiently plan the strategy. Their experience is not limited to one task as they work in different areas of a contract. Irrespective of the complexity of the issue or dispute, they can handle it efficiently with their vast exposure and experience in handling many complex claims.

4.Good knowledge of technical jargon: A lawyer finds it’s difficult to prepare technical claims as such claims are prepared based on complex drawings engineering formulas and various Indian standards together with international standards which becomes clumsy for being handled by a lawyer as basically a lawyer does not possess technical knowledge and understanding of engineering drawings formulas and codes etc. Good claims management consulting company have techno-legal experts on board who understand the nitty gritties of such claims.

5.Legal course of action : When negotiations and alternate dispute methods fail, the case reaches the court of law, a well drafted claim prepared with professional support can sustain judicial scrutiny and bears strong chance of being allowed.

Looking for a good claim management company?
Claims, if not managed well, can lead to disputes that can delay construction projects. This can adversely affect all parties in terms of time and money. Claims management consulting company can perform day-to-day contract management services for all types of infrastructure projects to safeguard the interests of their client. The Claim management company focuses on tedious paper work leaving the contractor with peace of mind so that it can focus on executing project and work towards growth of its company.

Contract Square Pvt Ltd is a reputed claim management company. They have a team of techno-legal experts that help clients handle claims and disputes efficiently.. As of now, they are managing contracts worth around Rs 10000 crores. It has ensured successful arbitrations to the tune of over Rs 1000 crores.

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