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Contract Management Practices in Procurement Department

Construction contracts are legally binding agreements that outline the work to be performed by a general contractor. These contracts are critical for construction management, as they help to ensure that all parties understand their responsibilities and rights. Without a contract, it would be very difficult to enforce any agreements made between two parties. The contract management system should spell out all aspects of the work to be performed, including a detailed description of the materials to be used and the timeline for completion. Furthermore, the contract should specify how payment will be made and what happens if the work is not completed on time or up to standards.


Who is involved in construction contracts?

Construction contracts involve two parties; owners and contractors. Project owners need someone to execute construction work and the contractor executes the job. Construction contracts include:

  • What is the scope of work?
  • When will the job be completed?
  • How much will the contractor be paid?
  • What happens if there are any problems with the job?
  • Who will pay for the damages due to late performance or other unforeseen problems?

Having a clear and enforceable contract is essential to ensuring that both parties are satisfied with the outcome of the project. It protects everyone by clearly establishing their rights and responsibilities. Here are some of the best practices that a contract management organisation follows:

  1. Define the scope and deliverables:

Ensuring a successful contract process is to lay out expectations clearly, including deliverables and scope. A contract management organisation makes sure that the contract is clear. The organisation helps to create a well-drafted contract that fairly divides the obligations. Once the contract is administered, the company monitors it continuously. about what is expected from the outset of all the parties.  It removes ambiguousness that can derail any contract.

  1. Include a detailed timeline:

All too often, projects run into delays and problems because the contract administration plan was not properly executed. A good contract management organisation ensures that the contract is well-crafted with complete details such as deadlines of the deliverables and the start and end dates of the project. By ensuring that all of these details are accounted for, all parties can avoid many of the common pitfalls that can lead to project delays. In addition, a well-executed contract administration plan can also help to improve communication between all parties.

  1. Create contingencies:

Construction contracts typically contain clauses that outline what will happen if the project encounters unexpected delays or cost overruns. These contingencies provide a safety net for all parties, ensuring that the project can be completed despite unforeseen challenges. A good contract management organisation makes sure that contingencies  are taken care of in the contract.

  1. Be specific:

A well-written contract will minimise the risk of misunderstandings and disputes by specifying the responsibilities of each party. One common mistake is to include too many extraneous details in the contract. While it’s important to be clear and concise, you also don’t want to leave any room for interpretation. A good contract management organisation creates contracts that strike a balance between anticipating all the things that have to be included and editing down information that doesn’t add value.

  1. Establish communication:

Lack of communication can be detrimental to your construction project. People who are involved in the project have to understand their roles and responsibilities by communicating with one another. Having a well-written construction project makes it clear where to direct updates and questions.

Looking for a reputed contract management organisation?

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