Common project management challenges contractors must be aware of

Project Management Cycle

Infrastructure development projects are vast and complex. For their successful completion within the pre-determined time and without cost overruns, these projects require an effective project management system in place. Construction project management isn’t easy as it requires constant monitoring and regular evaluation. If you are a contractor, here are some common project management challenges that you must be aware of:

1. Lack of defined goals:
Poorly defined construction project goals can have serious consequences. Without clear direction, the entire process can quickly be thrown into disarray as deadlines are missed, tasks are uncompleted, work is duplicated, and confusion takes over. This is why it’s important for everyone involved to discuss plans upfront. A good construction plan will provide a basis of understanding between all stakeholders before beginning the project while providing managers with the flexibility they need to adjust if challenges arise.

2. Cost overturns:
Funding overestimations can be immensely detrimental to the success of a construction project. For this reason, effective budget management is essential. As a contractor, you should assess every aspect of the task and consider potential risks, costs, and predicted expenses. You should specify category-wise costs for expenditures such as materials, labour, subcontractor bills, and others to keep track of payments at any given moment. Cost overruns are common on construction projects due to unforeseen circumstances such as inaccurately estimated quantities and vague drawings and specifications.

3. Change in work scope:
Changing work scope is a huge challenge as it can cause major delays and budget overruns. To avoid cost overruns, it’s important that you identify changes in scope quickly, evaluate the cost implications and communicate any resulting changes swiftly to all stakeholders affected.

4. Lack of proper communication:
With proper communication, things can quickly go in the right direction. Issues may arise that could be eliminated if they had been identified and rectified earlier. This is why you need to set up a clear chain of communication among team members. This way, everyone knows what needs to get done and by when. With this reliable communication system in place, it will be easier for the team to identify any issues or obstacles and take action accordingly.

5. Inadequate risk management:
Inadequate risk management is a common issue in construction project management. To effectively prevent budget increases and delays with any project, it’s important to identify potential risks and take appropriate steps to mitigate them.

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