Key Components of Contract Square Project Management

Project Management

Project management cannot be efficiently carried to completion unless you have a professional that can help you to walk through the entire process of construction-related project management. It is a necessity to derive maximum profits.

What does construction management entail?

There are a few aspects that constitute construction management. These include the following-

  • Coordinating and directing resources that include materials and people.
  • Ensuring that the project is taken to completion successfully.
  • Evaluation of the project
  • Keeping a constant tab on the project.
  • To keep at bay delayed decisions
  • Facilitating timely procedures.

Having said this about the aspects of construction management, let us find out what Contract Square has to offer to clients when it comes to efficient professional management.

Unparallel Contract Square Project Management Services

For several years now, we have continued to be among the top contenders in this field. We believe that there cannot be a stereotypical format for all projects. Just as every project differs, so do the requirements of the clients, their budget, their resources, and the like.

The 5 main components of Contract Square project management processes, include the following, namely, Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor and Control, and Complete. And time and again we have emphasized greatly on these elements of project management. Each step has been explained in brief below. Look at the points here.

  1. Initiate

Before starting the project, Contract Square assigns a project manager. The role of the professional is to develop and evaluate the business case. This is done usually to ascertain the nature of the project. Once the parties agree, a project charter is chalked out by the project manager. It is also referred to as PID or project initiation document.

  1. Planning stage

The next phase is to plan. It is developing a road map. The main aspects to consider in this stage include PMP or the project management plan, which is created for guiding the execution and control. It also aids in setting the baselines for scope, schedule, as well as pricing. This again has subcategories that define the following work-

  1. Breaking down the work- The scope of the project is divided into chunks that can be managed. You also get to visualize the project.
  2. Plan of communication – Right from goals, tools, objectives, and methods are enlisted in this category. At Contract Square, we are that every step is judiciously followed. We keep a tab on each category.
  3. Planning for risk management – The project manager can assess risks well in advance. And this is the stage we give the manager to anticipate the same. Risks may be related to time, price estimates, shift in requirements, budget cuts, and shortfall of resources.
  1. Execution

So, what you have been waiting for all this while will occur in this phase. The beginning of work. Kickoff briefings, meetings, work assignments, management plans, and implementing projects form integral parts of the category. Aside from the above, tracking systems, task completion, updating schedules, and modification of project plan is there is a necessity falls in this phase as well.

  1. Monitoring and control

The execution phase and the monitoring phase are simultaneous. We measure the progress and performance of the project. Another important thing that we emphasize is whether the project is in tandem with the predetermined project management plan.

  1. Completion or closure

This is the last phase of Contract Square project management. In this step, a punch list is worked out for taking into account pending tasks, and the final budget. Finally, a project report marks the conclusion of the project.

We at Contract Square strive hard to ease things for clients. In most cases, we get new clients through referrals. This only proves that clients that are satisfied with our services recommend our names to their peers. This by itself is a valuable testimonial for us!

For details about our services related to project management and how we can help you without straining your wallet, you can reach us at or call +91 9903023893.

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