What are the various phases of managing a construction project

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Construction projects are complex. They involve a lot of planning, from conception to completion. Construction project management is done with the aim of delivering projects on time and under budget. Cost, scheduling, procurement, and risk assessment are just a few of the significant issues that must be addressed during project management steps. As a reputed project management company, we share with you some useful insights on different stages of construction project management:

Who is responsible for project management?

A project manager is the one who is responsible for ensuring that the project is executed as per the contract terms. The project manager gives direction to the team. The role of a project manager is often filled by a contractor. In infrastructure projects, there can be a dedicated project manager or a team of project managers. As construction projects are often too complicated, the project management team involves members such as financial planners, contractors, engineers, on-the-ground crew members, and others.

Different stages of construction project management:

Stage 1: Planning

This is one of the most important project management steps. It is at this stage that it is decided whether the project is feasible or not. Once the project starts, cancelling it can be very expensive and can lead to losses. During this stage, feasibility studies, capital budgeting, and pro-con lists are done to assess the project’s viability and profitability.

Stage 2: Conception of the design

Once it is decided that the project would be undertaken, architects and engineers create everything from the project’s fundamental concept to precise blueprints that depict the final design. This stage could take weeks, or even months, depending on the scale of the project. The drawings and specifications will undergo several iterations before it satisfies the project’s needs in terms of quality, budget and timeline.

Stage 3: Pre-construction

At the pre-construction stage of project management, a road map is created that outlines what everyone must do, when they must do it, how they should go about doing it, and how much it should cost. The more accurately the roadmap is designed, the better the chances of the project getting completed on time and within budget. During the stage:

  • Resources are allocated
  • Mini-budgets are set
  • Timelines and deadlines are set
  • Tasks are assigned

Note: An important part of preconstruction is to carry out a risk assessment and have a contingency plan in place. In construction projects, many variable factors are outside control and affect the timeline and budget. It is therefore important to be proactive at this stage and have a contingency plan in case things don’t go the way they should.

Stage 4: Procurement

The process of procurement includes finding, getting, and shipping the construction materials needed to complete a project. Also, during this stage, labour and other workforce are hired. To reduce unanticipated cost overruns during this stage, procurement and supply chain managers offer their inputs. The procurement and construction stages go hand in hand. The materials are bought as the project progresses to meet evolving requirements.

Stage 5: Execution

Now that all stakeholders are on the same page, work can start on the project. In this phase, all of your plans are executed. Regular monitoring of the project during this phase is important to avoid divergence from project expectations. Not doing so can result in claims and disputes being raised by the other parties.

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