What Are The Benefit Of An Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternate Dispute Resolution

In India, even a cheque bounce case can take months to resolve. You can imagine the state of complex legal cases. In this scenario, alternate dispute resolution in India makes much more sense than going to court. The construction company that I work for prefers alternative dispute resolution. They usually prefer arbitration as both parties can participate fully and structure the resolution that works for them. Recently, they hired a construction dispute resolution company that has highly-qualified and specialised professionals, dedicated to resolving all your contracts and claims-related issues.

Here is the list of benefits of alternative dispute resolution procedures:
●Faster resolution: A settlement or arbitration award is generally issued within a few weeks or months which is not possible with the court.
●Flexible schedule: Unlike court proceedings and trials, which must be worked into court calendars, arbitration hearings can be scheduled as per the availability of those involved.
●Lower cost: Alternate dispute resolution is usually a lot cheaper than a trial. A trial involves a lot many costs such as attorney fees and many more.
●Privacy is maintained: ADR is not only private but also confidential in nature.
●No bias: A neutral third party presides over the case.

The most common forms of alternate dispute resolution are negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Alternate dispute resolution gives people the opportunity to determine when and how their dispute will be resolved.

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