What are the responsibilities of a contract manager in construction projects

What is the role of contract manager in construction projects

Contract Manager in Constructions Projects- Handling Relationships & Risks!

Who is an Expert?

Contracts are the legal foundations of all business relationships. It is more so in the case of construction projects, where any kind of variance from the contracted clauses may lead to expensive disputes causing major financial losses. Therefore, every contract needs an efficient contract manager to ensure contractual compliance and record any variance therein.

Role of Contract Manager in Construction Projects

Contract Administration

Once the contracts are negotiated, drafted, & signed by all relevant parties, the contract manager’s role comes into play. It is the job of the contract manager to liaison with all the stakeholders to ensure that each party keeps up its contractual obligations. The contract manager ensures compliance with the terms & conditions of the agreement, including commercial & payment terms; milestone dates & milestones payments, etc.

Recording Variance or Change

Any deviation or change from the terms of the contract agreement may result in claims. It is the contract manager’s job to identify & record all such variances for filing or defending against any claim that may arise in the future.

Relationship Management

Contract management is not only about the administration of the contract but also about managing amicable relations between all contracted parties. The contract manager ensures efficient coordination between all parties, handles all concerns with utmost diplomacy to avoid disputes and promotes harmonious negotiations & settlements.


Documentation is the backbone of any construction project. With scores of documents ranging from contractual records & correspondence to various version changes, status reports, work orders, invoices & receipts, the documentation here is endless. It is the contract manager’s job to ensure that all documentation is complete, sequenced, & easily accessible when required.


A construction project involves all the functions of the company, with emphasis on finance, legal, and project management. The contract manager gives support & guidance to all the functions of the company to ensure accurate contract interpretation and smooth compliance.

Risk Management

It’s the contract manager’s responsibility to coordinate with the risk management team for contractual insurance needs for the project. He/she also manages the renewals & closures of such policies with the insurance company.

The contract manager’s role complements all aspects of the project through continuous monitoring & guidance of contractual obligations. He/she is required to have extensive knowledge of the construction sector- legal, technical, & financial, to ensure complete contractual compliance. We, at Contract Square, provide contract management services for various projects in the construction sector. Currently handling contract claims to the tune of INR 24 billion, Contract Square is your right ally for contracts & claims management. Connect with us @ https://contractsquare.co/contact-us/ for exceptional contracts & claims management services.

  1. Delay in site handover.
  2. Delay in issue of engineering drawings.
  3. Delay in supply of resources- material, equipment, and services.
  4. Delay in decision making.
  5. Delay in acquiring permits & approvals.
  6. Delay in payment of bills & advances.
  7. Delay due to a change in the scope of the project.
  8. Delay due to a change in plans /design of the project.
  9. Delay due to subcontractor/ vendor/another agency.

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